Significance of Plugins In WordPress

Tippy Plugin
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Though WordPress was introduced for creating simple blogs but now with it has emerged as efficient software for developing a unique and impactful website and mobile application. Adding or creating plugins options provides WordPress with an edge over other similar CMS in the market.

Most of the plugins can be installed to the website effortlessly and are free for everyone’s use. Appropriate plugins can incredibly enhance the usefulness of the website and even a novice can access it conveniently. With the use of proper plugins, WordPress can create an impressive user experience and interactivity.

Create Functional Tooltips

With useful tooltips, a developer can easily provide relevant info to the readers and keep them engaged and interested in their website or blog. The tooltip is a popup with info that appears on the screen when user floats over or clicks on an icon or highlighted words or phase with the mouse.  Popover tooltip and Tour tooltip are two common types of tools used by the designer to make the website more users’ friendly guide the user for next action and improve accessibility.

Instaling Tippy Plugin

Instaling Tippy Plugin

By installing Tippy WordPress Plugin and activating it from the plugin page on the dashboard, user can create beautiful tooltips for their website. Editing the file dom_tooltip.css located in the tippy directory enables the user to tailor the looks of tooltips as per website requirement. It is also possible to set various options under tippy option under dashboard option.

The different versions of tippy plugin differ significantly in their utility. So install the accurate version to develop best tooltips for your website. Some of the developers consider tippy as a simple and easy plugin for creating the best tooltip. The reviews and rating of tippy plugin is quite satisfactory and striking.

Creating tips

Creating tips



Best Open Source Cms

WordPress is the most accepted software compared to its counterpart CMS such as Joomla, Drupal, etc. Some of the visible features that encourage most of the designer, developer and blogger for its use are as follows:

    • Availability of multiple outstanding plugins and themes.
    • With useful plugins, WordPress can be used for a different purpose such as blog, arcade, gallery, portfolio, rating website, shopping store and most importantly content management system.
    • Safe and secure.
    • Free to download, install, modify and run.
    • The simple and convenient way of operation and can be accessed by everyone.
    • With the proper plugin, SEO can quickly locate the website.
  • Convenient to manage and no maintenance cost.
  • No prior developing and designing skills required for creating an outstanding website.

Tippy WordPress Plugin enables the user to configure useful tooltip for their website for conveying info in a meaningful and concise way to the reader and drastically enhance the overall presentation of the website.

This is my nifty tooltip!