Integrity Of Plugins; The Truth About Them

Plugins for website
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If you are not very tech savvy, then you might wonder what plugins are. Plugins are PHP and HTML code developed for enhancing the competency of the website, blog and even mobile app. Worried about installing a plugin? Don’t be; it’s really easy to do.

Plugins are very easy to install in any WordPress website. Though WordPress provides a platform for everyone to develop their website; but it doesn’t have advanced features and setting. With the plugin you can create a top notch website even without having much knowledge of the program coding. And if the user modifies the code then it also provides expected results. Thus it is suitable for both tech savvy and a non tech person.

After proper installation, activation and up gradation plugins can be used for enhancing the utility and interactivity of the website. Plugin is basically a software app like the one that is easily integrated with the system of WordPress software and simplifies the process of developing impactful website or blog with advanced features and settings.

Sometimes plugins need to be updated

Sometimes plugins need to be updated

Performance Based Plugins

There are a lot of plugins available on the internet which can be easily downloaded and modified as per developer’s wish. Some of the plugins are absolutely free and are equally effective in creating the satisfactory features for boosting website’s or blog’s performance.

Some plugins though have to be purchased from the company or developers and are incredibly outstanding. But for a novice it is advisable to go for free plugins as the success of the project largely depend on choosing a correct plugin according to the project’s demand. Some of the common website that can be created, built or started with plugins are:

  • Online store
  • Job board
  • Photo gallery
  • Blog
  • Arcade
  • Portfolio
  • Rating website
  • Coupon website
  • Religious website
  • Business directory

Amazing Plugins And Outstanding Result

Though all plugins regardless of paid or free are very effective and user friendly but some are still there which might slow down the site’s performance and might not provide the satisfactory result as desired by the user. Some of the outstanding plugins developed by Chris Roberts, Web developer at Caddis Interactive are as follows:

    • Annie– An effective plugin for creating complete annotation options. Annie and tippy can together create excellent tooltips with footnote and highlighting options.
    • Glossy- By installing this plugin user can insert predefined text on the website. Glossy and tippy user can display the text through tooltips also.
  • Grouped Comments Widget- With this plugin user can add widget to accumulated and display all the recent comments of the post.
  • Mensy – This plugin allow the user to create drop down menu on the WordPress theme by adding a sophisticated jQuery.
  • Multi Slider- As the name suggest, it provides option to add multiple slider to the website.
  • Tippy- This is the most popular and widely used plugin for creating outstanding tooltips for the blog or website.
Wordpress plugins by Chris Roberts

WordPress plugins by Chris Roberts

All the above mentioned plugins are open source software and has been modified by experts and professional of software industry for enhancing their functionality.