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CMS stands for Content Management System. If you user WordPress for your blog and update content on a regular basis, you know how difficult managing the entire content can be at times. You don’t know how to customize the post types and sometimes, the navigation menu is a pain. This is where plugins like CMS come into the picture for all those who find it difficult to handle the content on their blog. With the help of this plugin, you can:

  • Enhance the appearance of your blog and give a refined touch to it.
  • Create and develop your very own brand.
  • Manage all the content in an effective manner.
  • Make the screen easier for you to work on.
  • Make appropriate and relevant changes to the admin menus.
  • Remove the items that no longer serve you.
  • Create excellent content without stressing on creating the writing code for you.
  • Create custom fields as well as custom post types.

Yes – all the above mentioned things can be enjoyed when you install CMS plugin into your WordPress blog. You may be wondering about the brain behind this excellent plugin. It takes efforts for you to understand what the bloggers are looking for and how you can make their lives easier. CMS WordPress plugin has been created by someone who always wanted to help people build an effective blog.

Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts

CMS WordPress plugin has been created by Chris Roberts, who has always been fond of learning more and giving more to the bloggers. Chris began his journey in the field by introducing a blog on his own. With time, he realized that managing the content was no piece of cake on WordPress. Thus, he understood how difficult it is for the bloggers to post what they want to, how they want to and when they want to. He noticed that even if someone had to make a custom post, the procedure was complicated and a lot of blogger’s time was wasted in just understanding and performing it. Thus, Chris came up with CMS WordPress plugin so that the bloggers didn’t have to waste so much of time on such a simple task. No doubt the task seemed difficult earlier, the plugin made it easier.

plugin creation in wordpress

Chris was never much into technology until he got addicted to reading and scribbling on his blog. When he learned about the difficulties that the bloggers faced, he wanted to conquer them and help the aspiring bloggers conquer their fear of creating a new blog. With the help of his plugin, he surely made a difference.

Wordpress plugins by Chris Roberts

WordPress plugins by Chris Roberts

If you want to make your blog an easier platform for yourself and your readers, you have got to install the CMS WordPress plugin and learn about all the things that it can do for you and your entire blog.