Make Good Money With The Help Of The Right Plugin

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CMS plugin provides various options to make good amount of money online. Among all the well known CMS, WordPress is the most popular one and commonly used due to its uncomplicated and convenient methods of use. The reputation of the WordPress is mainly due to the plugins and themes. Though WordPress is a basic platform for developing blog or website user can enhance the impact and functionality of the website with the right plugin. Some plugins make it easy to integrate your website with affiliate programs such as loans affiliate program, and make profit.


So now if you can create useful plugin like Pippins Plugins or OptinMonster then client will definitely pay decent amount for your effort and it will be a continuous income source for you.  Before creating and selling plugins you should concentrate on the specific need of the clients as there are already thousands pre existing plugins available in the market.

CodeCanyon is a well known site for selling the plugins. Even it is possible to sell it from a blog or website created by you. Some of the freelancing sites like Freelancer, Elance, Odesk, etc. provide options to work on custom plugin projects.

Pippins Plugins

Pippins Plugins logo

Other Feasible Options You Should Know About

If you are efficient enough to create effective plugin and have sound technical knowledge then there are lots of options for earning constant money and get rewarded for your endeavor. Some opportunities are:

  • WordPress consulting service
  • Blog set up service
  • Create own website
  • Create blog and earn money using affiliated marketing, selling ads, sponsored reviews, etc.
  • Buy free plugin and after modification and upgrading features sell it under any plan of your choice.
  • Ad management plugins
  • Create a Paid Membership Website

Irrespective of the above mentioned option you choose try to be very clear about the client’s requirement and try to offer impeccable service for customer’s satisfaction. For providing best service keep yourself up to date about the constant changes in the plugin technology. Read blogs related to plugin will help you to be well informed about the newly introduced plugin in the market and its utility.

CodeCanyon logo

CodeCanyon logo

Effective financial plugin

With the help of plugin like WPdeposit it is possible to develop a financial WordPress website. The authentic user can deposit and withdraw money by login your website. The most convenient way to withdraw funds for plugins is through a bank card. Though it is bit different then other plugin but if implemented appropriately it will give outstanding result.

Along with deposit and withdrawal options some of the key features that have to customize on the financial website with effective plugins are:

  • Escrow Receive
  • Escrow Release
  • Sender’s Account
  • Receiver’s Account
  • Admin Management
  • Escrow Send
  • Transfer Money
  • No Payment Gateway Dependency
  • Can be customized to work with any payment gateway
One way to make money online

One way to make money online

Some Great Plugins For Earning Money

There are some great plugins which will enable the user to earn satisfactory.

  • VigLink
  • Website Monetization by AdSwallow
  • Floating Ads Bottom
  • Pic Ignite
  • InPlayer Paywall
  • MediaPass Subscriptions
  • RoundCloud Monetize
  • AssociateBox for Amazon

All these are performance based plugins and the review and rating are highly satisfactory. So with an effective plugin now you can either earn extra or make it your prime occupation as per time and dedication you can effort to put in.